Just why do so many people care about Jerusalem today?

EU foreign policy chief: Europe is forced to act in Jerusalem to preserve peace.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is exploiting America’s decision on Jerusalem and inciting a new intifada.

You watch: Mr. Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem is going to be hijacked and then manipulated to create more hostility, tension and violence in Jerusalem.

How ancient is the Bible, anyway? Which is more correct: traditional dating or revised, late scholarly dating?

But there is very good news. This blood-soaked city is yet to become a city of peace.

4000 years of history should be enough to stake Israel’s claim to Jerusalem.

Sisi’s attempt to stabilize a volatile region is failing.

The ancient saying “All roads lead to Rome” is still true! Though this city’s history is celebrated, its future as revealed in the Bible shows we haven’t seen the last of Rome yet.