Why This Inauguration Day Is Especially Historic

An epoch-defining moment for America—and more
The White House is seen from a riser on Lafayette Park on January 18, 2021 in Washington, DC.

Inauguration Day in America is always historic. Today’s, however, is a pivot point in the nation’s history, even world history. It will prove to be on the scale of the first European settlers spying the New World, or the Battle of Saratoga shifting the American Revolution, or the clash of arms at Gettysburg. And we are witnesses.

To grasp this epic moment, you must understand the spiritual forces at work.

America is gasping for survival as a constitutional republic. Failure would mean far more than merely the end of a historically unique experiment in human governance. For America is the superpower among the modern nations descended from biblical Israel. It is the recipient of the birthright blessings promised to Abraham’s posterity. And it has thus been the target of satanic attack for generations—an attack that has been particularly effective in more recent years.

The devil had enormous success for eight years in raising to power a historically destructive anti-American figure to govern the nation. Watch Jerusalem editor in chief Gerald Flurry identified this leader as a modern type of the ancient Antiochus Epiphanes, a crafty king known for his profaneness, duplicity and cruelty. From the nation’s highest office, this man took mighty blows at the foundations of America’s constitutional republic. He weakened America in favor of China, Europe, Iran, Russia and other nations. He tasked government agencies with mass-scale spying operations against American citizens. He encouraged massive illegal immigration. He set up anti-American leaders to take control of the government and to eradicate all vestiges of tradition and virtue that remain from America’s ancient history with God.

Then—it was abruptly stopped. By someone whom these leftist forces dismissed as a fool, a clown and a charlatan. Somehow, in the 2016 election, against all odds, Donald Trump won.

It was a miracle. Clear as this may have been at the time, it would become far more evident over the next four years. President Trump fought and reversed many of the disastrous policies the previous administration set in motion. He ended the Iran nuclear deal, reduced illegal immigration, blocked Obamacare, moved the United States embassy to Jerusalem, slashed onerous regulations and boosted manufacturing. Livid leftist radicals branded him as an extremist, racist dictator—though much of what he stands for was normal just a few years ago.

At the beginning of the Trump administration, our editor in chief came to recognize that 2 Kings 14:26-27, contained within the Bible’s former prophets, was not only a historical account of the ancient Israelites but a prophecy for their modern descendants: “For the Lord saw the affliction of Israel, that it was very bitter: for there was not any shut up, nor any left, nor any helper for Israel. And the Lord said not that he would blot out the name of Israel from under heaven: but he saved them by the hand of Jeroboam the son of Joash.” President Trump is a modern-day Jeroboam ii, effectively preventing the very name of Israel, which Satan has been attacking for millennia, from being blotted out inside America and the other less powerful nations that also descended from Israel.

Mr. Flurry put this together with the book of the Prophet Amos, who took a message to the administration of King Jeroboam ii. Amos 7 is not only history but prophecy that a representative of God in the end time will deliver God’s message to the modern Jeroboam. Based on his faith and belief in prophecies like these, and knowing that parts of these prophecies have yet to be fulfilled, Mr. Flurry has said consistently that Donald Trump must remain America’s president.

In November’s election, President Trump received 11 million more votes than four years ago. Somehow, however, Democrats received 15 million more votes, making Joe Biden far and away the most popular candidate in the history of American politics. And despite considerable evidence of fraud, the courts refused to do anything about it, the Department of Justice declined the case, the Supreme Court rejected it, Republicans in Congress certified the results, and everyone turned against President Trump. Just a week before he was due to leave office, the House of Representatives—including some Republicans—impeached him.

These are phenomenal developments. The pressure to go along, to pretend everything is OK and that all will work out, is strong. With so much intimidation from powerful people in politics, the press, and every part of society, you can start to question yourself: Am I seeing things correctly?

Satan’s deceits are strong! When people are caught up in sin, he can subject them to mass delusion! He intimidates and bullies. But the truth never changes. No matter how many times a lie is repeated, that doesn’t make it truth. But God doesn’t change (Malachi 3:6). Thank God for absolutes.

Two immensely historic things are occurring right now.

First, by all appearances, America’s radical leftists are on the cusp of complete victory.

They already controlled the House of Representatives, and they have now tied the Senate, which means Democrats could pass virtually anything in a straight party vote, where the vice president is the tie-breaker. That would be Kamala Harris, who formerly had the most radical voting record in the Senate.

With the Supreme Court unwilling to involve itself, the radicals’ grip on both houses of Congress and the presidency and the power of deep state operatives both in and out of public view, a radical new administration would have unchecked power to transform America. They could add seats to the Supreme Court and fill them with radicals. They could add states, like Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico, permanently tipping the scales of the Senate, and the electoral college. They could rig elections. They could push through radical policies of all kinds.

And they would be abetted by their tight collusion with news executives, tech executives, journalists, celebrities and others who control the media. Clampdowns on and plans for retribution against Trump supporters have already begun. The remnants of normal, traditional America—and its last wisps of godly, biblical virtue are already targeted for blotting out.

Those who are paying attention at all to this historic tumult are scared. The more you know about America’s history, back to and long before 1776, the clearer you can see why. This nation is about to change radically, and suddenly.

Unless God intervenes.

That brings up the second historic thing occurring this week. This has to do with the organization behind Watch Jerusalem. Though small compared to the great machinations inside the halls of power in Washington, we are right in the center of this historic moment. That prophecy from Mr. Flurry is out there. We have advertised his article “Why Donald Trump Will Remain America’s President” on our website, in many online news sources and social media channels, to millions of subscribers of the Epoch Times, Newsmax and RealClearPolitics, plus Arutz Sheva and campaigns in France. The article has attracted a quarter million page views on watchjerusalem.co.il and our sister-site Trumpet.com in English and thousands more in other languages. Mr. Flurry’s prophecy is out there.

And now only God can back him up.

Watching the news, Mr. Flurry’s statement that Donald Trump will remain America’s president seems impossible. Because even if facts emerge showing incontrovertible election fraud, American media are in lockstep with radical Democrats to block the truth from ever reaching the average American.

This is an up-against-the-sea, trapped-by-the-mountains, army-at-our-backs moment. Nobody can change this except God.

Mr. Flurry continues the work of Herbert W. Armstrong, whom God used as an end-time type of Elijah (Malachi 4:5-6). The original Elijah faced a large group of false prophets who held a lot of power and collusion with the political authorities over the nation. He faced off directly against them, building an altar, laying a sacrifice on it, then pouring on it large amounts of water. Then he prayed only a short prayer. Yet he was absolutely confident God would answer!

What happened? Fire from heaven devoured that sacrifice. God backed up His servant. Imagine what it would have looked like if He didn’t. But He did.

We don’t know how God will intervene. Like many of our readers, we have looked at the Constitution and the political situation and the Bible, and we have thought perhaps God would intervene this way, or that way, or maybe this other way. We don’t know how, but we trust that some way God will intervene so His prophecies will be fulfilled. His ways are higher than our ways. We do not know how God’s prophecies will stand, but we know they will stand!

Many people are watching us closely. If God does not intervene, a lot of people would feel justified in accusing Mr. Flurry of being a false prophet. But God says people will know that a prophet has been among them (Ezekiel 2:5; 33:33).

We remember the miracle at the Red Sea. We remember the miracle in which God protected Shadrach, Meschech and Abednego inside the fiery furnace. In that case, He even let these men be cast into the fire!

We remember King Jehoshaphat. When an alliance of three armies came at his kingdom at the same time, he proclaimed a nationwide fast. He knew they were helpless. He gathered the people at the house of God and there among them he prayed an impassioned, stirring prayer. He knew his history, he remembered how God had carried out His plan through Judah and Israel’s ancestors, he knew God’s miracles. And he turned the situation over to God in wonderful, childlike trust. “[W]e have no might against this great company that cometh against us; neither know we what to do,” he prayed: “but our eyes are upon thee” (2 Chronicles 20:12).

“And all Judah stood before the Lord, with their little ones, their wives, and their children” (verse 13). Here was a whole nation, united in a childlike attitude of faith in God!

To many, this would seem a hopeless event. To God, it was a historic event.

A man rose up within the congregation who said they should not be afraid and to go out tomorrow and face their enemies—that God would fight for them, that they would not have to fight at all. The reality had not changed. All they had was the word of this servant of God. How did King Jehoshaphat and the people react? They bowed down and worshipped God. They believed! They praised God—though nothing good appeared to have happened yet.

Early the next morning, with three armies outside their perimeter, the Jews opened up what defenses they did have—the city gates—and walked out. And after consulting with the people, the king sent who to the front of the army? The archers? The armored? The cavalry? The infantry? No, the singers. They put the choir in the front, so convinced were they that they would not have to fight.

And they didn’t.

“And when they began to sing and praise, the Eternal set an ambush against the men of Ammon, Moab, and Mount Se’ir, who had come against Judah, so that they were routed. For the men of Ammon and Moab rose against the inhabitants of Mount Se’ir, destroying them utterly, and when they had made an end of the inhabitants of Se’ir, they all helped to destroy one another” (verses 22-24; Revised Standard Version). The people of Judah received a miraculous victory!

What was the lesson, spoken in confident faith by King Jehoshaphat before the singers sang their first note? “O Judah, and ye inhabitants of Jerusalem; Believe in the Lord your God, so shall ye be established; believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper.”

God does work in a way we can understand, believe and obey: He works through human government, led by God Himself. And how He responds when we believe Him, believe His prophets, and demonstrate our faith.

We deeply believe that, somehow, this world will soon know that a prophet of God was among them. This seems like a spectacular opportunity for God to demonstrate that, and we have been trying to spread the word. Now God has to back up His man! Like those ancient people of Judah, we need to be praying for that.

That is a big part of what you—yes you—can do to seize this historic opportunity. Not many of these come around in one lifetime.

Prove Amos 7. Prove 2 Kings 14. Watch these events closely. This is your moment to live by faith! This is your opportunity, your test, to show God your mind and heart. This is your chance to prove God—and for Him to prove you. Put this squarely in God’s hands. This is your chance to stop ignoring, stop waiting, stop delaying, stop disbelieving. Believe in the Lord your God—so shall you be established. Believe his prophets—so shall you prosper.