The Battle Over History—From Ancient Jerusalem to Washington, D.C.

Why did the Trump administration declare ancient Jerusalem part of the glorious heritage of the United States of America?
United States Ambassador to Israel David Freidman dedicates a plaque declaring the City of David to be a place of historic significance to the United States
Matty Stern | U.S. Embassy Jerusalem

On January 18, 2021, President Donald Trump released the highly anticipated 1776 Commission, which sought to revive appreciation for America’s founding and its Constitution. The same day, the United States Mission to Israel released a statement recognizing the City of David as a significant place of American heritage abroad. Both statements declare the biblical roots of America’s Constitution and values.

Two days later, however, the 1776 Commission was deleted by the Biden administration from the White House website—on the very first day of the Biden presidency. Such an overt attack on the true history of America’s founding strikes at the heart of what has made America exceptional.

On today’s program, host Brent Nagtegaal discusses both January 18 announcements. He also highlights a significant speech by Ambassador David Friedman that connects the ancient City of David to the foundation of American greatness.

Show Notes

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