Obama’s Third Term: Supporting an Arab Takeover of East Jerusalem?

The final anti-Israel action of the Obama presidency turns into the opening scene of the Biden Administration’s Jerusalem policy.

One month before President Barack Obama left the White House, the United States infamously broke with its historic precedent of supporting Israel at the United Nations, an institution with systemic bias against the Jewish state. Collective applause erupted in the un hall when u.s. Ambassador Samantha Powers raised her hand to allow passage of Resolution 2334, which called any Israeli settlement in the land occupied by Jordan before 1967 as illegal. According to the resolution, Israelis living in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem are criminal squatters.

At the time the unsc resolution passed, we described Obama’s decision to side with Israel-bashers instead of the Jewish state as a “parting shot” against America’s greatest ally in the Middle East.

Now Obama’s final act is turning into the opening scene of the Biden Administration’s Jerusalem policy.

Barack Obama’s goal for Jerusalem lives on in the Biden administration. That goal is to declare any Israeli control of East Jerusalem as illegal and to support the Palestinian cause to acquire that territory. While Biden’s team is yet to endorse an armed uprising to take East Jerusalem by force, its statements condemning Israel’s lawful evictions certainly give the Arabs justification to continue their riotous struggle against the “occupier.”

It used to be that America lambasted Israel’s “settlement building” deep in the West Bank. Now, it seems, America is setting its sights on Israel’s control of East Jerusalem.

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