Hamas Emerges Victorious After Gaza War

The fight may have been against Israel, but it was waged for the hearts of Israel’s Arab citizens.
AHMAD GHARABLI/AFP via Getty Images)

From start to finish, the Iran-backed terrorist organization Hamas dictated the terms of the conflict against Israel. For 11 days, the terrorists fired thousands of rockets into Israel. And for 11 days, Israel targeted Hamas’s fighter and terror infrastructure in Gaza.

However, even though much of Gaza may be in ruin, Hamas emerged victorious.

This was not a war to defeat Israel; it was fought to win the hearts and minds of both the Palestinians in the West Bank and, crucially, the 1.2 million Arab citizens of Israel.

On today’s program, Brent Nagtegaal shows how Hamas has used the war to dethrone Fatah as the leader of the Palestinians and the unprecedented security risk the Jewish state now faces from its Arab citizens.

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