Special Edition: Remembering Dr. Eilat Mazar, 1956–2021

The life and work of the ‘queen of Jerusalem archaeology’

Earlier this year, the preeminent biblical archaeologist of Jerusalem, Dr. Eilat Mazar, died at the age of 64. Dr. Mazar left behind a rich legacy of biblically significant discoveries, including the discovery of King David’s palace, Nehemiah’s wall, the Solomonic gate and wall of Jerusalem, as well as numerous discoveries related to biblical figures such a King Hezekiah, King Ahaz, the Prophet Isaiah and the princes Jehucal, Gedalaiah, Shelemiah and Pashur.

Our entire July–August 2021 issue of Watch Jerusalem is dedicated to feature the life and discoveries of Dr. Eilat Mazar. Several of our staff served with Eilat on her excavations in various roles, and in this magazine we take the opportunity to honor her devotion to archaeology and Jerusalem, past and present. Complete with quality maps and photographs, the magazine takes you on a journey through her City of David, Ophel and Temple Mount excavations, discoveries and research.

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