Our Top 10 Biblical Archaeology Discoveries Of 2021

Join us as we review our selection of top discoveries from the world of the Bible.
Shai Halevi | Israel Antiquities Authority, Koby Harati | City of David, UNSW, Dafna Gazit | Israel Antiquities Authority, Oscar Bejerano | Israel Antiquities Authority, photo by Dafna Gazit, courtesy of the Israel Antiquities Authority

Despite covid lockdowns, 2021 was another major year of discoveries in biblical archaeology. On today’s program, host Brent Nagtegaal and archaeology writer Christopher Eames reveal Watch Jerusalem’s list of thetop 10 discoveries from the past year. From Arabian cattle worship to Jerusalem pork consumption, and from a wealthy Hezekiah-era commode to a terrifying Bar Kochba-era Dead Sea cave, these discoveries serve to affirm the biblical text as well as key biblical personalities.

Our individual articles written about each discovery throughout the year can be found in the show notes below (in respective order). Enjoy!

Show Notes

Discoveries of Eilat Mazar: The Temple Mount

Ancient Arabian Cattle Cult, Jabal and Genesis

‘Oldest Example of Applied Geometry’ and the Patriarch Abraham

First Temple Period Lavatory Discovered in Jerusalem

Discovered: Biblical Jerusalem’s East Fortification Wall

New Dead Sea Scroll Discovered in ‘Cave of Horror’

Royal Purple Fabric From King David’s Era Discovered

Discovered: Earliest Alphabetic Script in Israel

Piglet Found in First Temple Period Jerusalem and Evidence of ‘Amos’s Earthquake’ Discovered in Jerusalem

Jerubbaal: Alias of Biblical Judge Gideon Discovered in Southern Israel