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The Watch Jerusalem weekly audio webcast brings you news, interviews, archaeology and the Bible from on location in the Holy City. Host Brent Nagtegaal gives you the most important developments happening on the ground—and emerging from beneath it. Nagtegaal discusses archaeological evidence, old and new, that elucidates Biblical history and also looks events in the Middle East from a Biblical perspective. Unlock the future with the Bible and the artifacts of the past every week on Watch Jerusalem.

Brent Nagtegaal is an archaeologist and contributor living in Jerusalem.

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Webcast: King Herod’s Bath Found in Jordan and Capturing Ancient Invisible Ink


On today’s show, archaeologist Brent Nagtegaal discusses the recent excavations at Machaerus, Herod the Great’s Jordanian’s fortressed famed for the killing of John the Baptist. He also discusses the chance discovery of 2600-year-old inscription on the backside of a potshard.

Archaeologists find monumental mikveh at King Herod’s Palace in Jordan:

Revolutionary technology reveals dazzling ‘hidden’ text on biblical-era shard:

Iranian Militias reach Syrian border:

King of the South:


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