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The Watch Jerusalem weekly audio webcast brings you news, interviews, archaeology and the Bible from on location in the Holy City. Host Brent Nagtegaal gives you the most important developments happening on the ground—and emerging from beneath it. Nagtegaal discusses archaeological evidence, old and new, that elucidates Biblical history and also looks events in the Middle East from a Biblical perspective. Unlock the future with the Bible and the artifacts of the past every week on Watch Jerusalem.

Brent Nagtegaal is an archaeologist and contributor living in Jerusalem.

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Webcast: Did Iran Instigate the Temple Mount Crisis?

On Thursday, Tablet Magazine headlined a provocative piece asking the question whether Iran was involved in the recent flare up on the Temple Mount between Israel and the Arabs. On today’s program, Brent Nagtegaal analyzes the merits of that argument and looks at the Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement in the context of Iran’s goal of using the Temple Mount to unite radical Islam.

The Arab March Towards Full Control Over the Temple Mount –

Tablet: Was Iran Behind the Recent Violence on the Temple Mount? –

Jerusalem in Prophecy  –

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Esther Sarah Evans August 3, 2017 8:41 am

b”H I’m not sure who put your site on my facebook page. As far as your reporting is concerned, it appears to be fairly neutral and more or less pro-Israel. I don’t appreciate the non-Jewish touches like calling the Tanakh “bible”. I also don’t know why there has to be advertising from an islamic source. That may be where the money is, but it also means that the very ones being discussed are listening in for their benefit. If that were for their benefit to be more critical, it would be fine. I don’t count on it. The author of this article is obviously of Germanic origin and thus not likely really pro-Israel, maybe even against Israel. The article itself sounds sane – For how long this sanity will be upheld depends probably on how soon this person perceives advantages in promoting anti-Israel incitement.
No physical force on any side will resolve this “crisis” or the ongoing conflict.
It depends solely on us Jews and our accepting and doing the Mtzvot

Brent Nagtegaal August 3, 2017 10:15 am

Hello Esther,

I’m not sure what you mean by “advertising from an Islamic source.” I’m an Australian with Dutch heritage (not German) and have lived in Jerusalem for the past year and a half, plus on and off for about a decade. Watch Jerusalem is not pro-Israel or pro-Islamic, but we are pro-truth and report on current events through the lens of Biblical prophecy as relayed in the Tanakh (although we will continue to use the more general “Bible” as to not alienate the greatest possible audience). I hope you continue to find our reporting both fair, honest and enlightening.

Kind regards,