A Tale of Two Great Scientists

Parallels between the great African explorer Sir Henry Morton Stanley and Jerusalem archaeologist Dr. Eilat Mazar


Sensationalist, biased, fraudulent, agenda-driven—such were the ad hominem attacks leveled by the scholarly Victorian establishment against the great African explorer Sir Henry Morton Stanley. One of the greatest adventurers ever to have lived, this man suffered much abuse from establishment peers jealous of his work.

Unfortunately, his story is all too familiar. Dr. Eilat Mazar—an archaeologist that we at Watch Jerusalem have been privileged to work with for well over a decade—is one of Israel’s greatest archaeologists, with easily the largest number of significant discoveries to her name. Yet she too has suffered abuse from the same old, cold Establishment.

On today’s program, host Christopher Eames compares the stories of two great scientists—Sir Henry Morton Stanley and Dr. Eilat Mazar—examining not only the inordinate attacks against them from certain scholarly critics but also the inordinate affection shown to them by the general public.