Iran to Drastically Increase Hamas Funding

Building a ‘mini-Iran’ on Israel’s doorstep
Hamas militants take part in a military parade in Gaza.

Iran is set to boost its funding to Hamas by an unprecedented 260 percent. An August 5 report by the Times of Israel stated that Iran has expressed willingness to increase its funding to Hamas from an estimated $8.3 million to $30 million a month.

According to the report, Iran promised to increase funding in return for intelligence about the location of Israeli missiles.

Dr. Yossi Mansharof, an Iran expert at the Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security, said, “[T]he connections between Iran and pij [Palestinian Islamic Jihad] are very tight, since the leader of the group, Ziad Nakhaleh, is very close to [Iranian Gen. Qassem] Suleimani. So it can be assumed that the group would also get an increase in funding.”

Although a report last month found that Hamas agreed to support Hezbollah in a northern war, Mansharof says that neither “Iran nor Hezbollah would help Hamas” in the event of war.

In a visit to Iran last month, Hamas Deputy Political Chief Saleh al-Arouri said, “We are on the same path as the Islamic Republic” in battling Israel. Iran’s support for Hamas is growing; soon Israel may find itself unable to deal with the rising threat.

Former vice president of the Jerusalem Post Hirsh Goodman writes in The Anatomy of Israel’s Survival: “[I]n Gaza, its takeover through Hamas, and specifically the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, which reports directly to the Iranian secret service, has been total, creating an entire country, a mini-Iran, on Israel’s southern border.” Iran has managed to create a “mini-Iran” from which to bombard Israel.

In May, nearly 700 rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel. Yahya Sinwar, one of Hamas’s military leaders, warned last month that next time it would respond with twice as many missiles. Furthermore, Iran’s increased funding for Hamas will allow it to continue to strengthen its control over the Gaza Strip.

Watch Jerusalem editor in chief Gerald Flurry writes in The King of the South:

The real power behind the Palestinians is Iran. No other nation would dare finance and blatantly encourage such terrorism in Israel. Iran has even been caught publicly sending enormous amounts of weapons to the Palestinians. Virtually the whole world knows what Iran is doing, and Israel’s terrorist problem keeps rapidly getting worse. …

With Hamas in control of Gaza, Tehran could ignite another conflict on Israel’s western borders at any moment. Iran is also opening another front in the West Bank, which crawls with zealots sympathetic to, if not in the pay of, Iran.

Jerusalem, which means “city of peace,” has historically been a city of war. In his booklet Jerusalem in Prophecy, Mr. Flurry discusses this city’s incredible importance. The booklet covers the birth of the State of Israel, its miraculous history, and how the nation has lost its will to fight and has instead turned to attempts at negotiating peace. Will the never-ending peace process and lack of will lead to Israel’s downfall?

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Notice Zechariah 14: “For I will gather all nations against Jerusalem to battle; and the city shall be taken, and the houses rifled, and the women ravished; and half of the city shall go forth into captivity, and the residue of the people shall not be cut off from the city” (verse 2). Regarding this end-time prophecy, Mr. Flurry writes, “One half of Jerusalem is to be taken captive. Notice how specific this prophecy is. East Jerusalem—one half of the city—will be conquered by the Palestinians!” Iran and Hamas’s goals both align with this prophecy. But the end of this same prophecy shows that Iran will not be successful in its quest to eradicate the Jews.

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