King David’s Palace Has Been Discovered in Jerusalem

A discovery that ought to fill you with wonder and hope!

In the January-February 1997 issue of Biblical Archaeology Review, Israeli archaeologist Dr. Eilat Mazar made a staggering assertion: she claimed to know the exact location of King David’s palace. The map accompanying her article had an arrow pointing to the spot, along with the caption, “It’s here.”

It wasn’t until February 2005, after finally securing permission and funding to dig, that Dr. Mazar commenced the excavation. She officially announced her discovery of David’s palace just a year later.

David’s palace spotlights the Hebrew Bible in an inspiring way. Many critics question this book, but it is the most accurate history on Earth. This is proven in the City of David and in archaeological excavations across Israel.

Dr. Mazar’s discovery of King David’s palace ought to fill you with wonder and hope!