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Unearthed: Another Inspiring Biblical Artifact

The Prophet Isaiah comes to life in Jerusalem excavation.

The German media had a lot to say about President Trump’s announcement. None of it was positive.

But there is very good news. This blood-soaked city is yet to become a city of peace.

America is celebrating the fall of the Islamic State. But the reality is that it has just sufferedits greatest defeat ever in the Middle East—and helped to crown Iran the victor and king!

America has pushed the Islamic State out of Iraq, but its Iran that is prophesied to benefit.

A recently unearthed official seal of a Judean king holds a moving message for the whole world. 

One biblical verse holds the key to solving America’s deadly division. We must know what it actually says!

Our world is teetering on the brink of nuclear devastation. But there is great cause for hope!

It was deeply significant—but not for the reasons people think.