Middle East Leaders Call for International Peacekeeping Force

Kuwait introduces a resolution to the United Nations Security Council.

The current Hamas-led violence on the Gaza border should be seen as another Iranian battlefront against the Jewish state.

It’s now clear to all what was obvious to us a decade ago: Iran rules Lebanon.

‘We will move the American embassy to the eternal capital of the Jewish people, Jerusalem.’

By staying in the nuclear deal, Europe is funding Iranian adventurism across the Middle East

The president of the United States is canceling the worst foreign-policy decision this country has ever made. What will this lead to?

Iran lied—but we already knew that.

Iran lied about its nuclear weapons program and intends to restart it, despite the 2015 deal with the West.

Iran and Saudi Arabia are attempting to outmanoeuver each other in the Red Sea.

Is it time for Jews to leave Europe and Britain?