Webcast: The Fruits of Bible Believing Archaeology

Why are so many biblical significant seals discovered by the same archaeologist?

The discovery of the Isaiah bulla adds to the evidence supporting the Bible.

Epigraphists can argue about the missing letter, but the context in which it was found should be proof the seal belongs to Isaiah the Prophet.

The Prophet Isaiah comes to life in Jerusalem excavation.

The sensational story behind the discovery of a tiny artifact that proves the existence of one of the Bible’s greatest prophets.

The European Union is taking aim at archaeological excavations in the City of David.

EU takes aim at Jewish heritage in Jerusalem

This leader with a Ph.D. in history has a habit of rewriting it.

The Russians are identified in the Bible as descendants of Meshech and Tubal, and the majority of them are Slavic. But what about the Slavs of Eastern and Central Europe? The answer illuminates a crucial end-time prophecy.

According to Haaretz, only when using carbon-14 dating does archaeology become scientific.