‘Against All the Gods of Egypt’

God used the 10 plagues to send a powerful message to Egypt and the Israelites—and to us.

From the Editor

The Former Prophets—How History Becomes Prophecy

The history recorded in the ‘former prophets’ might be ancient, but the lessons they carry are far more important today than they were 3,000 years ago!


The Monumental Four-Way Staircase of Herod the Great

Dr. Eilat Mazar completes an archaeological journey spanning almost two centuries.

Revealed: A 2,000-Year-Old Gold Ring Incised With Menorah

A Jerusalem discovery 50 years in the making

New Dead Sea Scroll Discovered in ‘Cave of Horror’

Trove of discoveries found during a survey of Judean Desert caves, including the first biblical scroll of its kind discovered in 60 years

INFOGRAPHIC: The Strata of Jerusalem’s History

A handful of discoveries demonstrating Jerusalem’s storied, stratified history

The Armstrong-Mazar Family

The legacy continues.

Biblical Archaeology Loses a Faithful Warrior

In appreciation of the great Hershel Shanks

News Analysis

Barack Obama Is Back in the Middle East

The policies of the former president are back, and Bible prophecy shows that they will have disastrous consequences for Israel—and the world.