Is the Prophesied Fall of East Jerusalem Imminent?

When it comes to land rights, both Hamas and the United States believe Israel has no right to exercise its laws in East Jerusalem.

Astronomy and the Bible

From the Editor

Ponder the Universe Like King David

What man is doing on Mars right now is remarkable. But it’s nothing compared to what God is doing on Earth.

The Bible: The World’s Greatest Book on Astronomy

The Bible reveals a surprising amount of detail about the universe, as well as mankind’s remarkable—yet misguided—attempts to understand it.

Abraham: Father of Nations—and a Scientist, Mathematician and Astronomer

Ancient records speaks of an astronomer among the Chaldeans who had a special relationship with ‘the mighty God.’


Exploring the Hidden Gate of King Solomon’s Jerusalem

The next wonder of the ancient world lies only a few meters beneath the surface, waiting to be revealed.

INFOGRAPHIC: Jerusalem’s Solomonic Gate Complex

Most of this massive structure is still preserved and lies hidden just south of the Temple Mount. Once uncovered, it would prove to be the largest structure from biblical Israel ever discovered.

Evidence of King Solomon Found—in Spain! An Interview With Sean Kingsley


A Word From Jeremiah About the Mt. Meron Tragedy