As politicians seek to sign away chunks of Israeli territory, the stones cry out about Israel’s link to the land and testify of the Bible’s authenticity.

The willpower of the Jews in Israel has been broken.

It’s not what she’s uncovering that rankles scholarly critics—it’s that her findings confirm the biblical narrative.

While politicians draw up plans to divide Israel’s capital city, archaeologists are busily digging up Jerusalem’s celebrated past.

Israel is facing its greatest crisis since being founded in 1948. Its survival as a nation is at stake. It can survive only if Israelis return to their roots.

Israel was once a little nation filled with miracles. Why have those miracles ceased? Read a slice of history that reveals the only way to bring peace to the Middle East.

With hands-on help from Herbert W. Armstrong College students, 3,000 years of buried history is coming to life in Jerusalem. God is, even now, preparing the very spot from which the Messiah will rule the world.

Israel’s inexplicable trust in Germany is growing. The Bible shows clearly that the outcome of this misplaced trust is Israel’s destruction—followed by the coming of the Messiah.