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San Remo Accords: Israel’s Legitimate Right to Palestine Is Unanimous
JERUSALEM - One hundred years ago, world powers assembled at San Remo, Italy to discuss how to divide the Ottoman Empire. In respect to the Jewish people, the so-called San Remo Declaration charged the British with implementing the Balfour Declaration, which three years earlier had endorsed “the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people.” The decision was unanimous by the allied powers at San Remo, and was later confirmed by all 59 members of the League of Nations. There was to be a Jewish Homeland, overseen by the British until statehood could be affirmed. On today’s program, host Brent Nagtegaal looks back at the San Remo declaration and shows how it received complete support throughout the world. This included, significantly, the Arab leadership in the region. He also shows why recent retelling of Israel’s birth seeks to downplay the history of San Remo, and focus more on the post-holocaust establishment of the Jewish State.
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