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Watch Jerusalem brings you news and archaeology from a Biblical perspective. Host Brent Nagtegaal is on location at Jerusalem to give you the most important developments happening on the ground—and emerging from beneath it. Brent Nagtegaal is a contributor for WatchJerusalem.co.il contributor living in Jerusalem.

Connecting the discovery of a 3000-year-old bee apiary to the Bible
JERUSALEM - After concluding excavating Tel Rehov half a decade ago, Israel prize winning professor Dr. Amahai Mazar has masterfully completed the final reports. On today’s program, host Brent Nagtegaal, reviews a fascinating report on discovery of the largest bee apiary in the Middle Eastern at Tel Rehov and its tantalizing connections to the Bible.
Show Notes

Elisha: The Prophet, The Legend, The History by Christopher Eames - https://watchjerusalem.co.il/74-elisha-the-prophet-the-legend-the-history

The Iron Age Apiary at Tel Reḥov by Amihai Mazar - https://www.academia.edu/37231955/Mazar_A._2018._The_Iron_Age_Apiary_at_Tel_Re%E1%B8%A5ov_Israel._Pp._40-49_in_F.Hatjina_G.Mavrofridis_and_R.Jones_Eds_Beekeeping_in_the_Mediterranean_-_From_Antiquity_to_the_present._Nea_Moudania

Edom’s Copper Mines in Timna: Their Significance in the 10th Century - https://thetorah.com/edoms-copper-mines-in-timna-their-significance-in-the-10th-century/