Watch Jerusalem

Watch Jerusalem brings you news and archaeology from a biblical perspective. Host Brent Nagtegaal is on location in Jerusalem to give you the most important developments happening on the ground—and emerging from beneath it. Nagtegaal is a contributor for watchJerusalem.co.il.

For over a decade Watch Jerusalem editor in chief Gerald Flurry has said that Europe will replace Iran as the dominant force inside Lebanon. He made this forecast at a time when Hezbollah was strong and Europe’s power in the nation was virtually nil. In the aftermath of last week’s Beirut blast that killed over 150 people and injured thousands, we are witnessing this biblically based forecast quickly take place. On today’s program, host Brent Nagtegaal discusses how the Beirut explosion could act as a catalyst for the fulfillment of this prophecy.
Last week, archaeologists in Jerusalem showcased a recently discovered administration storage center from the time period of biblical king Hezekiah. On today’s podcast, host Brent Nagtegaal talks with archaeologist Christopher Eames about the significance of the discovery. Nagtegaal also discusses a recent study from Tel Aviv University that overturns the assumption that greater efficiency of the human brain accounts for its superior output when compared to animals.
For the past three weeks, several explosions at Iran’s nuclear facilities have again raised the prospect of a nuclear-armed Iran. According to the New York Times, Israel was behind many of the attacks that may have set back Iran’s nuclear program. Nevertheless, in an unsettling interview with the Times of Israel, former Mossad chief Shabtai Shavit said that it is only a matter of time before Iran attains a nuclear weapon. More troubling was the assertion from Shavit that Iran could be deterred from using the bomb by traditional means. In his view, it would be unlikely for Iran to use a nuclear weapon as it would mean the simultaneous destruction of Iran by a nuclear counter-attack. On today’s program, host Brent Nagtegaal looks at the recent attacks on Iran’s nuclear program and discusses why such “cold war” logic from Shavit does not apply to Iran.
In his seminal work The United States and Britain in Prophecy, Herbert W. Armstrong established that the United States and British Commonwealth represent the tribes of Manasseh and Ephraim, respectively—one tribe prophesied to become a great nation, and the other, a company, or commonwealth, of nations. While his book focused primarily on those two birthright tribes, Mr. Armstrong identified several other nations of western Europe, Scandinavia and the British Isles as descending from the ‘lost’ tribes of Israel. We have covered these nations one by one throughout this “Modern Identity of the 12 Tribes” podcast series. But the final two tribes of this series, Simeon and Levi, are somewhat different—these were prophesied to be “scattered” within Israel. On today’s program, host Christopher Eames examines the evidence for where these tribes went—including, in particular, a significant connection to Scotland, Wales and Cornwall.
As statues of eminent historical figures fall around the world, another effort is underway to “topple” the biblical “image” of David. Did the king exist? And if so, was he really ruler over a kingdom of any significance? That’s the premise of the recent New Yorker exposé by Ruth Margalit. Spoiler alert: The article concludes that there is little, if any, evidence—and even if David existed, he certainly didn’t rule a significant kingdom. The conclusion was not surprising from the New Yorker. What was surprising was that the article content was not about archaeology. In fact, the article was hardly about King David himself! On today’s program, host Christopher Eames examines the “evidence” presented against King David (or rather, the lack thereof) and the primary focus of the article: a fawning biography of the “generous, witty, courtly, overwhelmingly charming,” anti-David theorist Prof. Israel Finkelstein.
On December 23, 2016, the United States failed to veto a United Nations Security Council resolution that called Israel’s control of the Old City of Jerusalem illegal. The decision to let the anti-Israel resolution pass was largely seen as a parting shot against the state of Israel by the outgoing Obama administration. Reporting on the event at the time, we asked if President Obama was planning on pushing another anti-Israel resolution in his final weeks. While no resolution came forward, reporting this past week revealed for the first time that Obama was indeed preparing another anti-Israel resolution at the UN. It was withdrawn after Russian officials told the Obama administration that Moscow would not let it pass. On today’s program, host Brent Nagtegaal details the proof of President Obama’s plan at the UN as well as the deeper motivations behind his hatred for the State of Israel.
On today’s program, host Christopher Eames examines the evidence for identifying modern-day Norway and Iceland with the “wolf” tribe of Benjamin.
Judahite worshipers in a temple at Tel Arad burned cannabis as part of their ritual worship some 2,700 years ago, new research has revealed. In light of the discovery, some are now questing whether such a practice was endorsed by God. On today’s program, host Brent Nagtegaal talks with archaeologist Christopher Eames about the discovery, as well as the largely unreported link to the Bible.
In an earlier podcast, we identified the Irish as the modern-day descendants of the tribe of Dan. But anciently, Dan was split into two distinct parts: A western tribe, that migrated to Ireland c. 3,000 years ago; and a northern tribe, that was taken captive by the Assyrians and migrated into the European continent with the other Israelite tribes. These northern Danites are represented by the modern-day nation of Denmark (Danish: Danmark). On today’s program, host Christopher Eames examines the evidence for identifying modern-day Denmark with the tribe of Dan. He also examines some of the evidence for the modern identity of the tribe of Issachar.
President Donald Trump’s first National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, only lasted a couple of weeks in office before he was brought down by former President Barack Obama’s administration through unlawful spying and leaking to the media of classified discussions. The question of why Obama targeted Flynn was answered on Thursday in an article titled “How Russiagate Began with Obama’s Iran Deal Domestic Spying Campaign,” written by Lee Smith in Tablet Magazine. Smith showed how Flynn threatened to dismantle Obama’s legacy move in the Middle East: empowering Iran. He also showed how Obama’s policy of spying on U.S. citizens on Trump’s team during the transition also took place for years on those who opposed the Iran nuclear deal. On today’s program, host Brent Nagtegaal reveals the deeper reason why Obama sought to empower Iran at the expense of America’s ally Israel.